Professional Indemnity and Independent Midwifery 30th June 2020 was withdrawn.

The Aphrodite Project is the Working Group of TIMBET Charity, The Independent Midwifery Birth & Education Trust which has been formed to address this.  Come and find out more information.  Follow the links.

A GoFundMe page is available for donations!


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Information for Student Midwives and those thinking of applying to be a Student Midwife can be found Here

Extra services I provide:

Acupuncture :  Please see here for all the details about British Medical Acupuncture

Birth Pool Hire:  I have three pools available (when not in use by my clients) that can be hired at a cost of £75, this includes all you need and a birth pool liner.  Pool delivered at 37 weeks until you have had your baby.  I would be grateful if it can be cleanded and dried before returning.

Birth Pool in a box - Regular and Small

La Bassine

Pictures of the pools can be seen in the "Gallery" 


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