Professional Indemnity and Independent Midwifery 30th June 2020

For the last 2 years independent midwives have been using an American insurance provider, but this provider has decided to leave the UK market. An exhaustive search of the commercial markets has been negatively impacted by the global Covid 19 Pandemic, with underwriters refusing to consider any new business, resulting in the UK’s self employed midwives not being able to provide labour and birth care to women wishing to use their services from the 30th June.

During the recent Covid 19 Pandemic self employed midwives have offered their services to their local NHS Trusts to support home birth services and have been inundated with enquiries and bookings from women keen to secure a home birth. With a second spike in coronavirus cases expected in the Autumn the loss of independent midwives will undoubtedly increase pressure on our overstretched NHS services and remove choice for women in childbirth. IMUK has been highlighting this current crisis to the UK Government but alas we have not had any communication or acknowledgment from the relevant department or the PM office.  So what can we do about it?


Independent Midwives need your help!. A group of activists are aiming to create their own insurance product so that a subset of Independent Midwives no longer has to rely on the commercial insurance market. The campaign can be found below, with everything you need to know and all the links!


We are so grateful to all of the wonderful people who are supporting the campaign by giving to the crowdfunder. We would love to see this get nearer to its goal this week. We need to keep the push going to really make this product possible for independent self employed midwives, today please share our campaign with others, with people in your own network who have the means to give. 




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Acupuncture :  Please see here for all the details about British Medical Acupuncture

Birth Pool Hire:  I have three pools available (when not in use by my clients) that can be hired at a cost of £75, this includes all you need and a birth pool liner.  Pool delivered at 37 weeks until you have had your baby.  I would be grateful if it can be cleanded and dried before returning.

Birth Pool in a box - Regular and Small

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