My Journey to Midwifery

I came to midwifery quite late in life.  My interests were fuelled by my own two birth experiences, both were disappointing.  My first, an emergency caesarean section for ‘failure to progress’ after a ‘cascade of interventions,’ that I now know to be completely unnecessary.

I was far more prepared for my second birth and took a lot of time to prepare.  I was planning a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) but there just was no support or advocacy for my choices, only the withholding of vital information then coercion again, into another cascade of interventions.  I did achieve my VBAC but it was less than ideal – you can read my story here: Amanda’s Birth Story

I began my midwifery degree at Wolverhampton University in 2005 and qualified in July 2009.

Once I qualified, I decided to go straight into Independent Midwifery Practice. I believe that each woman is entitled to individual, one to one care from a professional that is a safe practitioner and with whom she trusts. This midwife should be her confidant, advocate and supporting of all her choices. I am passionate about VBAC, but love to support those planning normal birth, especially those births with challenges.

May 2012 saw me qualify as a British Western Medical Acupuncturist, which enhances my practice and enables me to help with an array of midwifery and pregnancy issues –  here for more information.

I am based in Shrewsbury (about 5 miles north) near Bomere Heath.