An initial consultation is where we can discuss your needs and an appropriate care plan.  If you decide to take me on as your Midwife, this cost (£75) is included in your fee, but if you choose not to book me, this cost will be invoiced to you to cover my costs.

£4800.00 for full consolidated services including private scans, bloods, Antenatal/Parent/Breast feeding, all equipment and Acupuncture sessions.  

Travel up to an hour or 45 miles is included.

(£1000 minimum initial payment on booking)

All appointments are at a time convenient to YOU, at a place convenient to YOU!!  Please allocate 1-2 hours for each of our appointments.

I am happy to offer very flexible payment plans, with no added interest charges for payments over longer periods of time.  I would never want finance to become the reason you do not receive the care you need in pregnancy, labour, birth and afterwards. I am aware however, that some elements are more important, so for an experienced mother, a full postnatal package is not required for example.  Please to call me to chat through what you need.


Package 1:  Full Care                     Package 2:  Full Care                            Package 3: Full AN/ITP, Minimum PN 

Deposit £1000                                   Deposit:  £1500                                      Deposit: £1000

12 x monthly payments: £316.60       12 x monthly payments: £275.00            12 x monthly payments: £275.00


Single consultations to discuss any aspect of your maternity care—to obtain a ‘second opinion’ - £75 plus 40p per mile.


Debriefing: Or having an independent view of your previous birth and look at your birth notes (if available).

Can all be offered at £75 per session plus travel at 0.40p per mile.


Birth only packages:  These are only accepted in extenuating circumstances.  Independent Midwifery is about building trust and planning for your birth, added to this there could be a conflict of interest in birth preparation with two different styles of information given to you, to make your choices.  Finally, I still have to do the same admin, birth preparation and planning I would normally do - but in a much shorter time scale.  For these reasons, I do not offer a reduction in my fees.  

AN/PN Care only:  £2,300 All antenatal care at home, birth & breast feeding preparation, shortened 10 day PN and early breast feeding support 


£2,500 including all antenatal care, birth & breast feeding preparation with full PN Care to 28+ days including all breast feeding support

AN Care only:  £1250.  This package enable you to access midwifery care that is convenient to you, with extended appointment times (usually over an hour) to carry out clinical observations and preparation for your birth.  This options is especially useful for thoses who have yet to decide on place of birth or the type of birth you feel is best for you.  Often this can lead to taking on the full package, or adding the postnatal package.

Travelling Midwife:  Full consolidated package from above, with travel and accommodation charges added.