Group B Streptococcus

Birth choices are often withdrawn because of Group B Streptococcus (GBS).  The thought or fear of putting your unborn baby at risk of death, because of a birth experience you have planned, is often cited as a selfish.  

All you need to do is...... to save your baby....     but is it really that simple?

GBS testing is a very emotive subject that can get clouded in emotion, for those who have sadly lost babies to this infection and those wanting to chose alternatives.  No mother, that I have ever met in my Midwifery career (including my student years) has purposely gone out to make birth choices that intentionally put her baby at risk. Pregnancy is risky, birth is risky and postnataly it is risky.  Hell life is risky.  But we have to put it in perspective and with our own hopes and dreams, our own experiences and decide for ourselves what risks we are prepared to take.

There are no guarantees in what ever you decide to do.  

I have put together some articles for you on GBS for you to make up your own mind and to decide for yourself, where is the best place for you to birth and with whom.  What interventions you are consenting to and why.  I have found these articles particulalry interesting.


The War on Group B Strep - Sara Wickham


How to Treat a Vaginal Infection with a Clove of Garlic
by Judy Slome Cohain, CNM


Symptomatic Group B Streptococcus Vaginitis Treated With Fresh Garlic by Judy Slome Cohain, CNM, MS


Treating Group B Strep: Are Antibiotics Necessary?


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