It is difficult and time consuming to put together stats, but incredibly important both for potential clients but also for reflection.  It is important to note, that statistics are very black/white and may not tell the whole story.  For instance:

1.  Food and fluids were offered to all, but statistically only 65% actually did.

2.  Optimal cord clamping has only been in the public eye for last 5 years or so, BAC to Normality has not been utilising immediate cord clamping for the successfull home births. 

3. Transfer in, for 3a tears is quite high, but each birth was a compound presentation.  We looked at potential reasons for this, use of sonic aids/dopplers has been suggested.

I am pleased and proud of my statistics and will reflect on and update my practice in those places where these fall short.

There were no maternal or baby deaths. 

A successfully Planned Homebirth rate of 63% for a "high risk" caseload.