Judith 2016 - Boy and Bear

Something a little bit different from me today (I know you've not heard from me in a while, I'm still soaking up our new wildling  but something that I had to share...

As you may well know I suffered from PND following the birth of our first baby. It was awful, a very tough time and it took the best part of a year to get back on track. I firmly believe that his birth was a huge part of me being ill afterwards so when we found out about #2 I was terrified of 

a) having a similarly awful birth experience and 

b) returning to that really dark place. 

To try and prevent both we searched for an alternative and found Amanda from BAC to Normality Independent Midwifery. She truly was/is my saviour!

We planned a home birth with #2 and with Amanda's unfaltering positivity and support everything went according to plan, if not better.  Almost 6 weeks into being a mum of 2 boys and I feel normal (as I'll ever be)

and that black cloud isn't hanging over our home again, I have also forgiven myself for the birth of our first born, something I thought I'd never be able to do.

So, back to the point of this post...

I wanted to say thank you, so I made this charm for our newest adopted family member and I wanted to share it because I love it (I given it to her so it's no longer a secret!!)

I made it to symbolise the fact she'd helped me to carry on my story without a full stop at the pain from our eldest boys birth and my subsequent PND. My family will be eternally grateful to her and I'll be forever in her debt!

If any of you are considering home birth I can't recommend it highly enough, one of the single most empowering and amazing experiences of my life and almost needs repeating