General Information for Student Midwives and Potential Student Midwives

Many Independent Midwives (IM's) hold days where you can find out about IM practice and get help with the application process into university. These days will be advertised on the the main IM UK website here 

Independent Midwifery Practice is very different from NHS or Hospital based practices - it is important that you understand this and know the differences.  Independent Midwife 'Virginia Howes' has written her first book, based on her experiences, "The Baby is Coming" read this, and if you like what you read, then come back and talk Independent Midwifery!

When IMs do put together days for potential students to attend, they go to lengths to organise a day, give their time and have in the past put no cost to the day - very few students actually turn up.  Independent Midwives have now decided that a payment up front will negate this and cover the costs to the Independent Midwife.

I have included below a list of places you can go to virtually, to get information, attend workshops and get involved generally!

Facebook:  is a mind of great information:
Independent Midwives UK - This is a closed group, so you will have to apply and wait to be accepted.  Here you will find our lates workshops advertised.

Everything Midwifery  This resource will give you the chance to learn and know what is happening within midwifery.  Do not get offended, or upset as all topics are up for discussion.

Secret community for Midwives in the making This is again a closed group, but if accepted you can find lots of useful and supportive information.

Save Midwifery  This tends to have more political aspects of Midwifery.  

The Independent Midwife - Will share details of what is happening within and affecting Independent Midwifery.

Express and Interest at our own main webpage:
We will then keep you up to date with current happenings within IM UK.

If you are not a member of a Forum, try:  Student Midwife.NET  and let them know I sent you.

To shadow a IM, you will need to find the nearest IM to where you wish to travel to.  Contact them directly, but again, be aware that a lot contact, especially at summer time when applications are going in.  For those in the Shropshire/West Mids/Wales area please contact me here.

Other groups you can become involved in:

Association of Radical Midwives:
Association in Improvements in Maternity Services: