Making the Move Workshops - IM UK

IMUK - Making The Move workshops are run by established Independent Midwives (IMs) who are self-employed members of IMUK (Independent Midwives UK). We are dedicated and passionate about providing excellence in maternity care. Check out our main website for more info and the latest updates on Independent Midwifery in the UK
All of our members work autonomously and support women with the latest evidence-based care and on a one-to-one basis, a model of care proven time and time again to be the best for women and their babies.
We all know how daunting it may seem to leave your post as an NHS or Private Midwife and to step out on your own. What we can guarantee you is that you are and will not be alone. With the support of your IM peers, you can grow a successful business and enjoy a satisfying career that works around your own family life.