Planning a VBAC/HBAC

Planning a VBAC/HBAC 

This site is an excellent start to find good evidence, don’t be put off by ‘homebirth’ as a lot of the information is equally relevant to hospital births as well.

When researching your VBAC or HBAC these sites/forum has a mix of Midwives, Doula’s and women like yourself looking for information.  Anecdotal evidence in bucket loads, successful birth stories and pitfalls you could avoid.  This is the national site for IM UK, for which I am affiliated.  Find an IM in your area, ring and have a chat.  These are the people that can help you get what you want from the NHS, a wealth of experience and they will tell you your rights!

Social Media is now an excellent way to get information: 

VBAC Support in UK - a closed group on Facebook

Independent Midwives UK - a closed group on Facebook

Choose your midwife, Choose your birth - open group on Facebook

One born every minute - the truth - open group on Facebook

UKVBACHBAC - a Yahoo forum

IMUK2013 - follow on Twitter